The Sal Santori Radio show along with The Kay Zern Community & Veterans Outreach truly makes a difference!

As of 18 October, 2014 Radio City Advertising began producing the Sal Santori Radio Show. We began on local WWSM 1510 am Real Country which has a loyal patriotic listenership and a wide-reaching area of coverage including, Lebanon, Schuylkill, Northumberland, Snyder, Perry, Juniata, Cumberland, Dauphin, and Western Berks Counties.

The show runs 30 minutes and airs Saturday mornings at 9:00. The mission of the show is to provide a voice to folks in need. Our Veterans, wounded and disabled, children with disabilities, e.g. Autism and the various diagnosis within the Autism Spectrum, as well as families in distress.

Each week we provide information along with contact information for finding help in each concern. Since the airing of the first show, we have helped a WWII Veteran at age 90 with his unfair dealings by Met-Ed. We provided updates on our U.S. Marine held in a Mexican jail. We helped a Veteran who relocated from Lebanon to Martinsburg, VA. Upon his arrival in Martinsburg, he was told he no longer needed the oxygen tanks on which he relied to assist his breathing due to emphysema and other lung complications. His attending Physician was transferred to Ft. Carson leaving him with no one with whom to follow up. We called the Martinsburg V.A. Med Center several times and played our calls on the air. Within a week our Brother not only had new oxygen tanks and a new attending, he was given examinations and testing like never before.

One of the missions we want to accomplish is being the source for help when anyone feels as though there are no options available. We want to prevent these types of situations and the way we do so is to provide information on the air.We hope to include you in our family of sponsors towards our goal of helping as many folks as we can reach.

Very Truly Yours,

Sal Santori