Food Lion Grocery stores have joined as a highly Veteran and Family friendly supporter!
In the past few weeks I have spent a lot of time with management and associates at the North Myrtle Beach, SC Food Lion. In so doing, I am excited to present Food Lion as our newest supporter offering employment opportunities galore! Food Lion is a great community partner with a very serious commitment to continually raising their social responsibility profile. In the above photo graph, there are several accomplishments acknowledged. In 2014, Food lion committed to a goal of providing 500,000 donated meals by calendar year 2020. The donated meals have and are provided to the folks in local communities. (visit for site map and more details)
The location I visited in the photo is located at 1000 Hwy 17 N. North Myrtle Beach, SC. 29582. via phone at (843*280*5012) Their goal of 500,00 donated meals has been reached and announced Thursday 9 May 2019. That my friends is a phenomenal accomplishment!
Another pair of accomplishments captured in the photo is the celebration of a managers 10 year anniversary with Food Lion. In the photo someone is holding a cake. This cake is in celebration of the 10 year anniversary along with a “you will be missed acknowledgment.” This is the recognition for an associate needing to have medical procedures performed. The procedures will require an extensive absence form work. Not only will this person be missed like a member of the family, their position and job are being held until cleared ton return.
Add these attributes to the friendliness towards our Veterans and Families and I’m sure you will agree, this is a rear, if not unheard of environment in today’s work place.
As a footnote, I want to mention the produce, deli, meat, cake & pastry, check out associates, and customer service departments are all on an untouchable level. (my apologies if I missed anyone.)

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