The Code of Support Foundation provides essential and critical one-on-one assistance to struggling service members, Veterans and their families with the most complex needs. One of their goals is to integrate service members, Veterans and families into a searchable, vetted, on-line platform called PATRIOTlink that makes direct connections to resources and services.

PATRIOTlink enables any user free access to vetted, direct, cost-free, Veteran services. PATRIOTlink users can login, browse, and use hundreds of resources available to them. Veterans, caregivers, family members and providers can sign up for a Free Account and start searching today!

The Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Experience Office signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Code of Support in December 2018.

Code of Support Foundation PatriotLink
The Code of Support Foundation provides essential and critical one-on-one assistance.

Together, VA and Code of Support hope to improve the access to and navigation of resources in local communities to best serve Veterans, families, caregivers, and survivors. Code of Support provides case coordination, education and engagement, and a navigation platform that allows service providers to reduce the amount of time it takes to find resources to meet their clients needs. VA cannot do it alone and partnerships like Code of Support help to augment and supplement VA services and benefits where needed.

VA is providing Code of Support the most up to date resource and contact information to access and navigate VA services and benefits that includes caregiver support services, suicide prevention and homeless coordinators, Vet Centers and domiciliary units. One of VA’s goals is to ensure that access to services and benefits is easy, efficient, and creates positive experiences in receiving care and support where they live.

Veterans and their families should not have to struggle with finding resources and services, so VA encourages Veterans and their families to use the free services from partners like the Code of Support Foundation for easier access and navigation support.

To learn more, visit Code of Support and PATRIOTlink

“When I called Code of Support my back was up against the wall. I was struggling with my VA Claim and just days earlier had lost a close friend to suicide. They did something that hadn’t happened in years: they listened.”— Zachary Bell, Marine Combat Veteran (from Code of Support website)

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