Let WMRC Digital Radio and our Partners help you to help our Veterans and Families!

Do you have information that needs to reach the ears of our Veterans and Families? WE CAN HELP!

Here at Radio City Advertising we take pride in working hard for our clients. It is your success that we rely on. Based on your needs and budget, we design a comprehensive strategy uniquely your own and are prepared to fine tune along the way. Philosophy is simple in that we find working approaches and build on them.

Our original mission (of 2013) remains the same; providing use full information to our Veterans and Families! By helping to sponsor WMRC Digital Radio and Saturday Live with Sal Santori Show, here are a few things we do for you;


Promoting your business and or service,

  • We can produce 30, 60, or 90 second messages highlighting your business and or services, your sponsorship and commitment to social responsibility, (Veterans and Families) by running them on WMRC Digital Radio programming on Sunday through Friday. Saturdays, during the Saturday Live with Sal Santori Show.
  • We deposit a percentage of your support contribution with The Kay Zern Community and Veterans Outreach. This is a domestic not for profit Corporation. The money is then donated in your name, to the charity of your choice based on the same frequency as your schedule of contribution. You will receive a charitable donation receipt from the KZCVO for your tax records.

Promoting you in print,

  • We can promote you in the PopImpressKA Journal. This is a quarterly publication printed and distributed from Manhattan, N.Y. We have photographers to produce lay out features for any industry large of small. There is also a blog option if you prefer writing in the blog. We also have Videographers to produce videos which are yours, we do not retain the ownership rights, these are yours.
  • COM has a web site, which again, you are welcome to register and blog or ad feature stories. These all pass through an approval process prior to publication. Radio City Advertising, WMRC Digital Radio and The Kay Zern Community and Veterans Outreach all have an individual Face Book presence. We want to include you into the family of Veteran support operations.


Charity events / Fund raising events.

We have a wonderfully talented and highly regarded partner in PopImpressKA Fashion and Design. These events are beautifully planned, well executed and bring about the best in results given they bring out the best in people. Professional models are included for the runway fashion show. Models ranging from aspiring youngsters through accomplished adults continuing their careers.

These events also bring talented musicians to perform live and all told, promises a fun, relaxing and enjoyable evening allowing for much networking and the best part is this…. It’s all for a very worthy charitable cause!


Let’s get together at your earliest convenience to explore ways in which we all WIN!!







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The Sal Santori Show ExclusiveIMG_20171209_104543_1.jpgLet WMRC Digital Radio and our partners help you help our Veterans and Families

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