Paul Mango flanked by Mike Kelly and Sal Santori

Paul Mango, humble and sincere

Having been given the great honor and pleasure of visiting with Paul Mango, I came away with a true sense of positive change on the horizon! Paul is a person, human being, simply wanting to bring about the changes needed to restore Pennsylvanian’s hope in a better tomorrow and future. We spoke about Paul, at age 4 learning a very strong work ethic and belief in self, being able to accomplish goals through honest hard work. This more than any other character trait has guided Pauls’ decision making process throughout his life. This includes going to West Point Military Academy, Serving as an Officer in the U.S. Army. Becoming a Husband and Father to his Wife and 5 wonderful Daughters. One of whom is currently serving in South Korea. Paul lives his message! During his Military career from 1976 – 1987, Paul and his wife, (also a West Point Graduate.) lived on a single paycheck in order for Paul to save for tuition. The goal for Paul; post Military service entry to Harvard University, from where he also graduated.
As Paul puts it “I came from nothing.” Not a demeaning phrase, rather a statement from one who was not born into privilege. Paul is a second generation Italian American. Paul’s Grandfather made the journey from Italy to Philadelphia, not Ellis Island, in 1909 and brought with him only the lint in his pockets from Italy. Paul is one of 5 children also had his Fathers inspiration for service, honor, and courage. His Father was in the National Guard and at age 36 was the eldest in his class of Airborne Green Beret’s going through S.F. School (Special Forces Schools).
Paul has 4 strong core priorities;
1) God
2) Family
3) America
4) Parents
These match precisely with the goals of changing What can be summed up as, the erosion of core values here in Pennsylvania, and the obvious passions Paul is bringing to the table in Pennsylvania as Governor. There is so very much more can be said about the strength of Paul Mango, the man, the human being, leader, and Governor, however, I will close with this inspiration from Paul and challenge you to follow here and on the radio show, Saturday Live with Sal Santori.
Paul is inspired to bring HOPE into the lives of every Pennsylvanian. His strategy involves;
1) Strengthening Families. This is Huge! Our families are the very core of Pennsylvania!
2) Great concentration on making K-12 education stronger, better and higher quality than ever before. These are our future decision makers and we simply cannot give them less than the best to develop and reach OVER the top!
3) Revalue the dignity of work. Having the satisfaction of being able to support your and my families provides dignity in life. Building a strong work ethic is vital to the success of every family in Pennsylvania!
4) Rebuild regulatory agencies. This means having the ability to provide and keep goods and services affordable again. Simple as that!

For more information about Paul Mango, his plans and vision, and Seizing the Promise of Pennsylvania’s Future, reach out to If you are a veteran reach out to

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