• With our sponsoring supporters, help from communities and the grace of GOD,
  • We have continued on our mission with rock steady progress.
  • We have achieved and exceeded our initial goals. The Kay Zern Community and Veterans Outreach, a not for profit Corp., has been operational and helping our Veterans and Families in Pennsylvania and beyond. I believe the absolute greatest thing we can do is to help someone in need.
  • The Sal Santori Radio Show can be heard globally via any internet enabled device. We chose to develop and build an all-digital radio station to primarily solve one huge need; eliminating geographical limitations! In accomplishing this not only are we accessible to our Veterans and Families everywhere, we also positioned ourselves slightly ahead of the development curve in technology.
  • Digital is the future and we are there. Thank you to all who are involved in our efforts to assist our Veterans and Families everywhere!

We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship for all, ESPECIALLY OUR LISTENERS! As part of our commitment to you, we will be available for any issues or concerns that may arise including refreshing the content of your commercials and mentions. I will also keep you informed of upcoming events and mission status. We are truly honored that you are considering sponsorship of the Sal Santori Show Sal Santori CAN BE REACHED BY CALLING 717*608*3088 or contact me here.

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